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Hazash Enterprises Pte Ltd, is a name within the leading organizations established in the Maldives. The company was first set up in 1983 and then consolidated into the present company in 1989, and remain as one of the longest established companies in Maldives. The company is involved in wholesaling, distributing and retailing, undertaking operations in key industries; the construction industry and the supermarket industry.

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Hazash been a very strong presence in the retail shops of Maldives, supplying branded and quality products.


Hazash Mart had been a leading supermarket in Male’ stocked with fresh food, fruit and vegetables, with 99% imported goods.


We import and whole sales a various kinds of branded food items for many high standard resorts in maldives.

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Hazash currently imports supermarket products including food, kitchen and household items from USA, EU, United Arab Emirates , Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India, .

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